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National Historic Vehicle Survey 2016


The National Historic Vehicle Survey 2016

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About the Survey

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, of which our club is a member, has announced the launch of the National Historic Vehicle Survey 2016. This important national survey is designed to identify the importance of the historic vehicle movement to the UK economy and the trends in historic vehicle ownership.

The results will be used by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to support their work on our behalf in representing the movement’s views to Parliament and to ensure we are able to enjoy the use of our vehicles on the roads for many years to come.

Members completing the survey can elect for complete anonymity or may choose to add their email address to the survey to become part of the Federation’s focus group to be consulted from time to time on issues important to the historic vehicle movement. The Federation have confirmed that no email addresses will be released to third parties.

The survey is critical for the preservation of our historic vehicle interests and we are happy to give it our full support. We encourage you to participate by completing the survey.

On behalf of the FBHVC may I take this opportunity to thank you for your time and involvement in the survey.

I would encourage all members to participate in this survey.

Sam Carruthers

MGOCNI Secretary