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Northern Ireland


FOR SALE (November/December 2018)


Ref MG 048: 1978 MG Midget

  • K Series Project 
  • Needs painted but all bodywork Prep is complete 
  • Selling due to lack of time to complete and lack of space to work 
  • All parts included
  • £3000.00

Car is in incomplete but shell is rolling 

Contact : Lewis

Telephone : 07766 477881

North Down Area


  • Full Frontline suspension adjustable shocks all round. 
  • Double wishbone up front. 
  • Polly bushed throughout 
  • Uprated antiroll bar
  • Grooved discs/greenstuff pads


  • Minilite wheels 13″
  • New 1500 front valance
  • 1275 fibreglass wings inc 1275 sidelights etc
  • 1275 rear light brackets
  • Fibreglass bonnet 
  • Smoothed off rear for de-bumper 
  • Brand new windscreen and frame
  • Refurbished dash board
  • Relocated heater tray with ducts in place and 1500 heater box. 
  • Relocated battery tray to passenger footwell roof
  • Carbon fibre door cards, rear quarter panels and boot divide.  
  • Standard interior – cream leather , carpets 
  • Soft top frame and soft top 

K series stuff 

  • 1.4 16v 105bhp. 95k miles from Rover 200
  • New head gasket, stretch bolts, cambelt, water pump, oil pump 
  • Crank machines for t9 1st motion shaft support bearing
  • Big end shells replaced. 
  • Block modded to accept starter motor
  • Alternator bracket modded to clear suspension mount 
  • 5 speed Type 9 Gearbox – ‘never used’ but I can’t verify that
  • Tytan bell housing
  • Frontline clutch kit inc release bearing and fork. 
  • Clutch cable
  • Frontline starter motor/spacer
  • 4-2-1 manifold
  • Engine mounts
  • Gearbox mounts
  • Frontline chassis strengtheners for 5 speed conversion 
  • Type 9 to midget diff propshaft
  • Remote oil take off on engine block/oil lines/remote oil filter adaptor/pressure tapping and filter. 
  • Water hoses made up with standard radiator but rover fan fitted
  • Rover 45 header tank (slim)
  • Swirl pot and 1500 electric pump
  • Spare VVC inlet manifold 
  • 1275 oil and water temp gauge
















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